Accepting Change Part 2






I had to write more on change, as it is  currently the most relevant topic and subject matter of my present life. I am moving from Cincinnati to Toledo. I am also moving my training,nutrition and catering businesses. I am starting a new journey this year (not that the old journey is over)  🙂 So, in some ways I am starting over, but in many, more important ways, I am moving onto the next logical steps.

One of my biggest concerns with moving, was leaving my clients. I have developed meaningful connections with each person I train. My immediate concern was for their continued success, without me by their side. But, this kind of change is good for all of us.

My clients have to have a back-up plan, or know what they would do if their trainer was gone tomorrow. They have to find a new trainer, or join another gym. They have to learn workouts, and the names of muscle groups, so they can continue exercising on their own. They have to take the knowledge and education I have provided, and put it to practical daily use.

I gave them plenty of notice, so they could begin planning. I want to know that each of them is okay on their own; that they will not give up on their goals and dreams just because I’m not literally standing in front of them telling them to keep going. This is an important step in any weight-loss journey because at some point each of us has to take full responsibility for our diets and workouts and life.

So, we are all accepting change. I am changing geographically, my clients have to change their routines & figure out their next steps on their weight-loss journeys, individually.



Trainer Tracy 513 will be Trainer Tracy 419 beginning May 1, 2013  🙂

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