Rest Days




Today is a “rest day” for me. A day to reflect, relax, take a breather. When you have a lot going on, it is really important to take mental breaks, physical breaks and just breathe!

When you get into a good workout routine, taking a day off can be very difficult. You are afraid if you relax one day it will turn into 2 days, and so on…but your body needs recovery time.

Likewise, if you have been really stressed at work, putting in a lot of overtime – sleeping in & watching reality tv with a big cup of coffee may be just what the doctor ordered 🙂

Since this is my day “off”, I’ll make this post short and sweet…You have to take time for yourself. You have to recharge, enjoy friends and family, let the stresses of the day just go for a little while. So, go to the park with your kids, watch a movie and take a nap on the couch,or just do something that you don’t normally have time for.


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