Having A Reliable Support System



Having a close-knit circle of people who support you is so important in life. When you take on a humongous task like major weight loss, you have to know that your “core” people will be there for you. I struggled constantly with “friends” trying to undermine my efforts-not out of spite, but out of habit.

When I first started my weight loss journey, I was in a relationship with someone who didn’t like the idea of me changing. I was told I “wasn’t fun anymore” because I didn’t want chili-cheese fries. I was “boring” because I shared the latest information I learned about carbs. I was “acting different” because I wanted to go for a jog instead of order pizza and play video games. I realized very quickly that if I was going to be successful with my new lifestyle, my un-supportive fiancé had to get on board, or be left behind. I know this sounds callous, but I wanted to be with someone who wanted to better themselves, too. And, I didn’t want to be with someone who feared I would better myself.

So, 30 pounds into my weight loss, we parted ways. I began to surround myself with people who were supportive of me going to the gym, eating well, taking care of myself. I began to realize how important this inner circle was, as “friends” would push me to skip a day at the gym, or suggest I chuck my diet for the day.

When you need motivation, who reminds you why you are working out? When you want to say “screw the diet”, who reminds you why you are making better food choices? The answer to both questions should be your support group. The same people who celebrate 1 pound losses as much as 100 pound losses. The same people who will go to the park and run with you on Saturday morning. The same people who will try out healthier recipes with you. The same people who say “you’re an inspiration to others, now”.

The reason I repeatedly used quotes around the word friend is simple; if someone loves you, cares about you, then they will support your choices (especially when those choices are to live a long healthy life). You need cheerleaders in your new life, not anchors to your old life.

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