Accepting Change

There are a lot of people in this world that don’t like change. Many are described as stubborn, old school, or just set in their ways. A major component of weight loss is change…change in size, body shape, self-image, attitude, mindset, eating habits, your physical appearance, lifestyle, activity level and treatment from the outside world.

You have to accept change to really learn a new way of life. You have to be open to different thought processes than just your own, different ways to approach exercise, different foods than you are used to.

Change is not always bad…progress requires change. How you view yourself should definitely change (for the better). Where you were self-conscious, you should be self-confident. Where you felt weak, you should feel strong. Where you had no motivation, you should find reserves of energy.

You have to accept change to transform your life. How can you make long-term, lifelong adjustments without accepting that YOU have changed?

You’re not changing your eating habits just until you lose the weight, are you? You’re not exercising just until you get fit, are you?

Becoming healthy and fit for life is the best change you can welcome 🙂

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