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After having the same conversation with 2 clients this week, I decided this was a blog-worthy subject….How do you fit exercise and planned meal times into your already packed schedule?

Both of the conversations centered around women in masters degree programs. These ladies have families, internships, prior commitments, homework and full-time jobs. So how are they supposed to find time to train with me? Cook and portion food? Grocery shop? Exercise on their own on our “off” days? Get everything done in these short little 24 hours we get each day?

My answer is simple: Time Management.
I lost 150 pounds while working 60 hours a week between 2 jobs. I felt that the busiest time in my life was the perfect time to get on a strict schedule; learn how to get everything accomplished. I wasn’t going to go through as many things, at the same time, ever again! If you get your head and body set in a routine, when you have a full schedule, you can maintain all of the discipline and activity when things slow down.

I wrote out my meal plans and grocery lists on Saturdays. I bought all of my groceries on Sundays. I then cooked, and portioned out, my meals on Sundays. I worked a 40 hour week Mondays-Fridays. I took my breaks at the same time each day, and ate my pre-planned meals/snacks on a schedule. If I had to work my second job, which was 20 hours more per week, my change of clothes was already packed, as well as my food. If I had the night off, I was off to the gym. I got really good workouts in on the weekends, since my schedule was more open.

Now, substitute in children instead of the second job (because raising children is another job)…You look at your life, all of the commitments, and you figure out what works for you.

If you make the time now, you get more time later 🙂

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