Investing in You

One of the biggest problems people seem to face with a healthy new lifestyle is the expense. I get messages all the time from people interested in working out, but tell me they just can’t afford a trainer. Or a gym membership. Or to buy healthy food. Or to take the appropriate vitamins/supplements. The fact is…you can, you just have to make sacrifices in other areas.

A person first needs to realize that you are investing in yourself-your future. We figure out how to pay for college because we know we need an education for a career. We figure out how to afford a 60″ flat screen because we want to watch football on a “good” tv. We even justify the expense of fast food drive thru dinner 5 nights a week because it’s fast and easy and cheap.

If you choose to start a healthy new life, you must also choose to change your spending habits. I tell my clients all the time “I am aware training is expensive, so make sure you get your money’s worth”. That means going to the gym and working out frequently (makes it worth the expense when you think about it as a per day cost) and buying fresh produce instead of canned/boxed foods (the per meal cost is significantly less when you prepare and cook your own food).

You have to think about the money spent on a gym/trainer/classes as a financial investment in your future. A healthy lifestyle is no more expensive than a sedentary one. The up-front cost may seem too high, but if you went through and put down on paper what you spend on junk food/carry out/fast food you would see you can get a week’s worth of groceries for a significantly smaller amount of money.

So, the question is, how badly do you want to change? How badly to you want to eat healthy? How badly do you want to get fit? Fitness and health are expenses that you should find the money for, not make excuses about. What sacrifices/concessions are you willing to make to change your life?

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