5 Pillars of Strength

5 Pillars of Strength

My 5 Pillars of Strength are: Nutrition, Exercise, Goals, Support & Self-Image. All 5 are components of overall health and wellness. If you are lacking in one, or more areas, you will not be able to reach your goals or maintain your new, healthy lifestyle.

A good, balanced, healthy diet is essential to weight loss/weight management/overall health. You have to “do your homework” and research online, in books, etc. Establish what your body requires, from a nutritional standpoint. Food is the fuel that keeps the engine (your body) going. It is very important to identify what your daily food requirements are, and then research supplements/vitamins for where you are lacking.
For example, the average woman requires 40+ grams of protein a day. You have to figure out how to get all that protein into your meals in 24 hours. Then, if you are working out, strenuously, several days a week, do you need more protein? Do the numbers change? These are practical things one needs to consider when planning meals.

Whether it’s a walk in the Dog Park, a jog on the treadmill, a Zumba class, or swimming laps, you need to incorporate movement in your every day life. This will be different for everyone, based on work hours, family life, etc. But, the point is this: You must move your body every day to burn calories, increase muscle tone, or even lose weight.

Goal Setting~
Setting realistic short-term, and long-term, goals is very important. We are much more likely to be successful when we know what we are trying to accomplish. Long-term goals are great for seeing the “big picture”, but you must also set smaller, short-term goals. You will set yourself up for failure if you do not work on small, one-at-a-time goals. Just focusing on your long-term goal, like losing 100 pounds, will seem impossible and daunting, unless you establish the stepping-stones to get there (i.e.: “I want to lose 10 pounds this month”).

Support System~
Having positive people in your corner is crucial. It will be so much more difficult to stay on your diet if your co-workers are always pushing you to go out to eat at a fast food restaurant. The friends and family you spend the most time with have to respect your decision to change your life. People, who always criticize how much time you spend at the gym or the “weird” food you packed for lunch, are not being supportive. Their negativity will wear on you, over time.

Self-Image/Inner Strength~
A good self-image may take some work to develop. But, inner strength is necessary from day one. You have to be motivated, driven and find the resolve within yourself to make good choices with food every day, every meal. Going to the gym, giving it your all, even when you don’t feel like it, takes strength.
Self-Image is vitally important to one’s overall success and long-term healthy lifestyle. You have to be proud of who you are, as a person, first. Then you need to find pride in the every day triumphs (like ordering the salad when everyone else at the table orders a burger). There will be stepping-stones, along the way, that you will rely on for that feeling of accomplishment we all crave. For Example: Today you did 50 sit-ups, and you could only do 25 last month.

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