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Hello everyone!!!!   My name is Tracy and I am a personal trainer and professional chef here in Toledo, Ohio going by the name of Trainer Tracy 419 and Boutique Chic Chef Catering. I also write the Health & Fitness  page on where’s the     ^..^

I’d like to introduce myself…tell you my story 🙂   August 1, 2014 is my 6 Year Weight Loss Anniversary.  I have lost, and kept off, 150 (ish) pounds for 6 years.

Today, I currently weigh 140 lbs. I gained about 20 lbs of muscle (thanks to CrossFit) & am in the best shape of my life. I wear a size 4/6, S/M.  I am a personal trainer/nutritionist/chef/life coach. I am an avid CrossFitter. I eat 85-90% Paleo. I take care of myself today, 6 years later, the same way I took care of myself on Day 1 of my Lifestyle Change September 10, 2007.                              

I want people who read my blog, see my pictures, hear my story to understand the on-going work involved in keeping 150 pounds off long-term.

My weight is always fluctuating. I am skinny some days, bloated some days, heavy some days….this is normal!!!!

When I first reached my goal weight (2008) I was 137 pounds. I was in a terrible car accident 2 weeks later. I gained 40 pounds back over the 9 months after that (I wasn’t able, or allowed, to work out). So, less than a year (2009) after losing all that weight, I was depressed and sad and felt defeated.

I started exercising again, only to be in 2 more car accidents. I gained 30 pounds that round.

After a year of not being able to work,work out, or barely move, I was back up to 180 pounds.

So, I started another stretch of my journey…I struggled to get back to my original 137-settled on a healthy 150 (2010).

Over the next year I experimented with diets, different gyms/work outs. I found CrossFit in 2011. I also learned about paleo, then.

I gained 25 pounds of muscle and went down 2 sizes. So, in 2012 I was 165 pounds, size 4, 20% body fat…. best shape of my life!

I’m sharing all of this to illustrate that it is hard for everyone…maintaining weight loss has to be tempered with life. Some days are easy to stay positive and motivated…some days are really hard. Everyone assumes my life is perfect now-assumes I’m 100% proud of my body-assumes everything is easy for me.

I have had days when I feel so discouraged…to work so hard for something and then lose it. I felt really out of control of my own life when I was stuck on the couch after the car accident…unable to live the new lifestyle I had become accustomed to.

So, I decided to be proactive and do what I could. I went back to college, got another degree. Did research on nutrition, tried out new recipes. And, I ended up finding the perfect job/career in the process!

I encourage and motivate others to live their best life. I help people learn how to take care of themselves, through physical fitness and healthy eating.

Like all of you, I have to struggle with old demons every day. I have to be proud of my accomplishments, successes & lessons learned along the way.

I try harder each day…fight temptation…find the energy & strength to go work out.

Life is a roller coaster ride for most of us…highs & lows, dips & ascents.


     My message is simple…YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE...any time you want to. I decided I was tired of being sick, tired, fat, depressed & a myriad of other negative emotions. I wanted to live my life, enjoy it, love it!!! I became a personal trainer to help others accomplish what I have. I want to help everyone live their best life. I get to teach people how to think about food differently. I share my struggles and failures, so people can understand I’ve been there-I get it. I teach people how to use the body they were given to do amazing things–like running a 5 K, developing muscles you didn’t know existed, or even just reveling in how you can reshape your body.            

                       I’m sharing my story, my weight loss journey, with everyone to show that a person can change their life at any point. You can become healthier. You can become stronger. You can be the best version of yourself. There is never a perfect time or day…the moment you decide to change is PERFECT 🙂



BEFORE 2001-2006

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AFTER 2012-2015

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