Investing in You

One of the biggest problems people seem to face with a healthy new lifestyle is the expense. I get messages all the time from people interested in working out, but tell me they just can’t afford a trainer. Or a gym membership. Or to buy healthy food. Or to take the appropriate vitamins/supplements. The fact

5 Pillars of Strength

5 Pillars of Strength My 5 Pillars of Strength are: Nutrition, Exercise, Goals, Support & Self-Image. All 5 are components of overall health and wellness. If you are lacking in one, or more areas, you will not be able to reach your goals or maintain your new, healthy lifestyle. Nutrition~ A good, balanced, healthy diet

Searching for Perfection

In the quest to become healthy/skinny/ fit/ diet/ change your life we are seeking some idea of perfection. Some kind of better life we imagine at the end of the journey. That everything will be perfect, so much better, if I’m______.  My original goal was to lose weight for a wedding, to look really good